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Super Junior's Series of Unfortunate Pick-Up Lines


Title: Super Junior's Series of Unfortunate Pick-Up Lines
Length: 4 one-shots
People participating: KiBum / HeeChul / SungMin / RyeoWook / KyuHyun / SiWon / EunHyuk
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: BAD (but funny) pick-up lines and a lisp involved.
A/N: These are all the pick-up lines my friends and I have come up with (and used on each other) recently. :)


"Hey baby. Do you work at Subway cause you just gave me a footlong." Cue suggestive eyebrow raises.
I couldn't help but crack a smile as I giggled at the perverseness that consumed me. "Are you sure it's not just a 6 inch?" I finally let my laughter go as I walked away. KiBum had no choice but to stare in awe at my comeback.
It took a couple 3 seconds before the "Chhhheeeeaaapppp." could be heard behind me.


I didn't really know what I expected as I watched HeeChul walk up to my desk, sly and nerdy.
I just sat back in my chair, arms crossed and stared him down, wondering what he could want.
When he finally made it to me his eyes were jerking around, making sure no one was watching.
"So, SungMin." He snorted as he shoved his thick rimmed glasses up his nose with his pointer finger and finally met my gaze. "Your homepage or mine?"


RyeoWook sat across from me as I continued to eat my lunch. I had it packed neatly and just how I wanted it before RyeoWook felt the need to reach over and grab one of my sushi rolls, violently shoving it in his mouth before I could even think about backhanding him.
He knew it would come to me eventually and so to avoid meeting the same fate as Kang-In this morning, he held his arms up defensively.
"Really RyeoWook?" was all I could manage to say.
"I know I don't look like much now, but I'm drinking milk." His eyes turned into mere slivers as he stared me down, defensive position.
"Finally tryin to get that dick you always wanted?" I smirked as I figured all was lost so I could eat my sushi in peace.
"Don't you mean the dick you always wanted, KyuHyun?" He bolted.
Smart child, body and mind.


The lisp. It was what I thought of when I talked to him on me2DAY, it was what I thought of when I heard him sleeping, and it was what I thought of when I touched myself at night. His lisp. EunHyuk had never had a way with words... well at least not with pronouncing them, but the other day gave way to a whoooole new set of fantasies for me.
I was innocently sitting there on the couch watching Star King, volume down low so as not to wake anyone, when I heard a door open and shut down the hall. I looked to my left and saw a very scantily dressed EunHyuk making his way towards me, shirtless and all.
"Hello ThiWon." Oh how I loved to hear my name leave his mouth. No one could say it quite like him.
"What's up?" I smiled and watched him. I noticed a slight difference in his walk, though. His hips swayed a bit too much and he was smiling at me very oddly.
"What's wrong with you?"
"Ab-tholutely nothing....." He smiled bigger as he stared me down before climbing on the couch with me, never losing eye contact.
"Hey ThiWon."
"Thith ith my stheducthion thmile." OMF-UNF.
"Am I theduthing you?" *Insert waggle of the eyebrows here.*
I stared in him in complete lust. "Ohhhh, You have NO IDEA." Damn, how I love his lisp.

ThiWon = SiWon
Thith ith my stheducthion thmile. = This is my seduction smile.
Am I theduthing you? = Am I seducing you?
(Just in case. ^^)

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