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xsharetheworld's Journal

S o m e o n e
죽었다 깨나도 못 믿겨질


mandii. 18. matteo sciabordi is my baby. i'm really obsessed with war, indian, end of the world, african, asian, and western type things. i like misfortune in movies. i love any fandom you can throw at me but i hate all the debut groups coming out now. the only one i enjoy is miss a and infinite. i like dark!fics and cute!fics and... everything else!fics. i love pictures. i love my 16 babies. it's hard to piss me off. i'm easily misunderstood on youtube and in comms. i make icons and wallpapers and headers and macros and write mix fandom fics. i miss jaebeom and hate love dbsk right now. i'm obsessed with my shows. my shows are beast idol maid, idol army, good daddy, bad family, personal preference, running man, 2ne1 tv, maknae rebellion, boys over flowers, chef kiss, full-metal alchemist: brotherhood, cinderella's sister, iris, 2am day, i am sam, beast almighty, u-kiss' vampire, we got married (adam/yongseo/khuntoria), oh! my lady, hello baby (shinee), raising idols, sunao ni narenakute, mnet scandals, hotaru no hikari (1&2), my girlfriend is a nine-tailed fox, and wild bunny.

"i tell myself that i'm really okay now.
reach out your hand to grab that person.
the person that left will come back like that.
say that you're okay, say it, say it right now without anyone knowing what's really inside.
i hold you as memories resurge.
stop it you torture me i'm dying.
go now, go now, i'm okay.
cast a spell on you.."
-one way / magic

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